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Teen Summer Meditation Series

Focused on participants 15-20 years old


Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 3:30pm

Oldtown Strength and Conditioning

805 N Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314


Why meditate?

Reduce anxiety, increase focus, feel calm and rested, increase academic/physical performance


Each week you’ll learn about and practice a different type of meditation.  Teachings will be at the beginning or end of class, as needed for that week’s experience.  You will also learn several basic breathing techniques that bring harmony into your body-mind and enhance your meditation practice.  

Below are the types of meditation you will learn and practice.


  • July 12th and 14th: Mantra Meditation

    • Benefits: More mental focus and motivation


  • July 19th and 21st: 5 senses and 7 chakras

    • Benefits: Increased body awareness and energy


  • July 26th and 28th: Primordial Sound Meditation

    • Benefits: Deeper connection with yourself and your environment


Pricing is donation based.

We are gifting this opportunity to you, please donate whatever amount is good for you. With your donation please note date/s you’ll attend. 

One class drop in is FINE.


In communities long ago we would gift our knowledge or goods for all to learn and prosper, let’s do this again and pay it forward!


Meditation will provide tools for today and for a lifetime!!!


Please bring a friend. 

VENMO confirmation of dates and donation to: @Misha-M-3 (last 4: 1925)

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