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Schedule of classes

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: reboot your body and jumpstart your fitness with our GOATA blueprint program!!! On these days you’ll be on the move for 30 minutes and in the end PSYCHED about how you FEEL! You’ll experience the energy of the inertia wave, the challenge of the battle rope, and the swiftness of the sled as you power through our unique 3-step “load the haunches” routine. On our GOATA days you’ll look, feel, and move like your body was designed to!!! 

Click here to Drop into a GOATA class


Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: get your sweat on, heart rate up, burn a boatload of calories, and enjoy the endorphin rush of a bodyweight-cardio HIIT workout!!! These highly efficient conditioning workouts are 30 minutes of heart pounding fun without the risk of injury found in other barbell based functional fitness programs.

Click here to Drop into a bdwt-cardio-HIIT workout

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